Family Search Missionary (#10460)

Church Service Missionaries are needed to serve from their home as Family Search Missionaries. As a Family Search CSM you will assist patrons as they work to identify their ancestors and link them into families. You will provide guidance to and answers questions, for patrons who contact FamilySearch by phone, chat, email or social media. You will receive on-line training in the tools that you will use for this assignment. The training will be based on an area of speciality such as New FamilySearch, FamilySearch Indexing, Family History Centers, Historical Records, or helping patrons to research their ancestors. After training, you will join a missionary team working in a speciality of support. The missionaries that are call to this opportunity will need to own a home computer (ideally less than 5 years old) and have a high-speed (such as DSL) internet connection. A commitment of 15 hours a week and a minimum of one year (12 Months) service is required.

Skills: These CSM need experience and expertise in family history, a desire to help people resolve their family history questions and the ability to assist patrons by means of a phone call or live chat. They should have the computer skills to move between several open computer applications in multiple windows and the ability to learn to use new computer programs. A key skill that is required is the ability to communicate clearly and accurately, as well as be comfortable with change in a moderately paced service environment.


Work At Home

Family Search Patron Services; or call 1-855-346-4774 or 1-801-240-0425

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UTSLC Area Salt Lake City CS Missionary Group Coordinator(s):
Scott Rowley